Embrace the challenge

Don't be scared to make the jump

Embrace the challenge

Something that kids are never taught in school is that the world outside is way more challenging and unfair than school. School teaches you good values: fairness, forgiveness, impartiality and so on. The world outside is different: cut-throat, unfair, unforgiving. Everyone has that one awakening moment: when you know life after the warm embrace of school is going to be hard and rough. It feels depressing. You feel like giving up.

But don't.

Keep the spirits high

I am doing my second college degree now and this is a common thread. People wanting to give up. I won't lie. It occurred to me too. But it is important to keep pushing. Yes, one loses hope and the future looks bleak. But remember, it is always the darkest hour before the dawn! What fun is life if it was all easy and a bed of roses? The thorns are what makes it worth living!

I will quote an oft-used saying here: “Take the bull by the horns”. And it is true. You have to try. Work your ass off. Without putting in the effort, it is always going to be a failure. Success gives you a chance when you try.

To all students reading this, don't lose hope. However unfair the world is, effort will ultimately get rewarded. At the risk of sounding lame, I will say this. My parents named me Pratyush. It means the first rays of the rising Sun. I was named for such situations. Darkness won't last forever. The Sun will rise soon.

Keep pushing!