I am back!

Hear ye, hear ye!

As mentioned in my previous post, I have finally re-launched the blog after migrating all my old posts. I have skipped adding an archive tag as I wanted all the posts from across the years to be first-class posts on this new site. Although I must add a disclaimer here that a lot of the early posts were written almost a decade ago at this point and I may not even agree anymore with some of the viewpoints expressed. However, I left it up as a reminder that people evolve, and we must never be embarrassed to share our thoughts.

I also heavily customized the default Ghost theme, Casper, to use on this site. I have open-sourced the code at Stay tuned for a future post on the changes made to that theme and how you can use it in your own Ghost-powered blog if you so desire! I still need to iron out a few kinks but rest assured that I am working on it.

In any blog you read, site analytics and comments are two important external components that are highly prone to tracking abuse. Most websites use Google Analytics and Disqus which are known to extensively track the user and also negatively impact site performance. I am not interested in tracking you and selling ads to you. I just want to write high-quality posts on this blog. Therefore, I forewent both Google Analytics and Disqus and instead used Fathom Analytics and Hyvor Talk. I was impressed with their focus on privacy from the ground up, and you can be confident that you won't be stealthily observed by the big ad machines. For more details, see the privacy policy.

To keep in touch for future posts, make sure to subscribe (there are buttons in the top right and below the comments). Only your name and email address are needed, and it is not shared with anybody.

Here's hoping that fourth time is the charm, and I will see you in the next post! ✌