Setting up a new home

Fourth time is the charm?

Setting up a new home

My blogging career has been one of stops and starts. To give a brief history lesson, I first started blogging on WordPress way back in 2011. It was called "ReflectionsPN", and I was regularly updating it for a little more than a year. Ironically, the second last post on this blog was celebrating one year. If only it knew what was to come.

After a brief hiatus of a few months, I started a new WordPress blog with just my name and resumed writing. It was sporadic and it folded after 18 months with just a few articles. Life just happened and with college and preparing for foreign studies, there wasn't much time to spare.

Once I graduated in 2015, I made another attempt to resurrect my fledgling blogging career and set myself up on Medium this time. Medium's clean looks was a definite attraction, and "PratNala's Corner" was born. It had another decent run but eventually fell by the wayside after a semi-regular 2-year run. I published its last post after a 2+ year hiatus on my skydiving experience.

And now, it is attempt #4. This time, I am using the Ghost blogging platform and have retained the name from my last outing - PratNala's Corner. I like this name! Now, here's what I am going to do next. I will migrate most of the articles from my previous blogs and give them an archive tag along with the tag of the category that it belongs to. I will likely exclude the welcome articles and guest articles (my first blog had a few guest articles) as I want to keep this blog's direction focused. Then, all the old blogs will be unlisted from the Internet.

Following the migration, you will see my first post on the Ghost platform with a post-migration update. Afterwards, I will post my first substantive article on this new blogging home of mine. I am really excited about this new article that I am already writing, and we hopefully have a longer and more fulfilling journey together with my writings this time.

I will see you soon.