Shocking, saddening, horrifying

Terror strikes again

Shocking, saddening, horrifying
Three dastardly acts

A couple of days back, three blasts rocked the city of Mumbai. This was yet another attempt to derail life in the city. But mind you terrorists. Because Mumbai is a city stronger than the phoenix and will rise from the rubble every time.

So, why do these blasts happen? This is of course, a most logical question. It shows the blatant intelligence failures and the softness of Indian cities as a target. Indian intelligence has often been a weak point for terrorists to exploit.

And it is imperative that the Centre acts on this in time before another blast. Well, the reason is because there are a whole bunch of agencies to start with, which collect intelligence. In addition, these agencies don't share this "classified" information among themselves due to reasons best known to them. It was this sort of non-information sharing which led to 26/11. All the intelligence was there but it was split up among different agencies. The Centre has mooted the proposal of NATGRID to tackle this problem. However, it is far away from implementation due to red-tapism and government inaction. It needs to be put on the fast track.

It has been three long years since 26/11. There were several proposals to improve the robustness of security. But they have still not been implemented. However, the terror strikes have continued. How long will red-tapism continue to derail the safety of this country?

We need solutions instead of talking heads on television channels. Every time after a blast, we have dozens of shows talking nothing but nonsense.

So, what are the solutions? Firstly, we need to beef up the police and give them better weapons. A policeman with a .303 rifle can't even protect himself, forget the citizens. Next, the politicians should stop interfering in the police regarding transfers and personnel changes. The police know best regarding that. Moreover, there have been various reports about politicians being cozy with the underworld. All such people must be rounded up and thrown behind bars. We also need to strengthen our intelligence. NATGRID should be implemented as soon as possible. Even the UID program, Aadhaar will help a lot in this regard. Lastly, our bureaucracy needs to be accountable and efficient. Corruption will continue to be a roadblock not just for development but also security. The Lokpal Bill is something which the Government should put high on its priority list.

I would like to end with a message to the terrorists. Stop this jihadi nonsense and be sane. Whatever you do, you cannot stop us. And we will win ALWAYS.

Let truth be upheld.