A new beginning

Removing the training wheels

A new beginning
Jumping to a new normal

It is the beginning of a new phase of life. A new way of looking at things. A new approach in general to situations. It is the end of school life. It is the time to enter college. Schooling is over. The days of spoon feeding by teachers, decisions taken by the parents and a largely dependent life are over. The end of teachers pestering you to complete assignments and parents nagging you to study for examinations.

It is the beginning of a new era. Professors just outline the chapter. As students, we have to fill in the gaps using whatever resources available. Apart from examinations, we have to cope with newer ways of testing like projects, group work, quizzes etc. These existed in school but were always classified as non-evaluative and were seen as leisure activities. Terminologies change. A small example is teacher becoming professor. Moreover, professors don't ask you to submit assignments or study for the forthcoming tests. The onus and responsibility is on us. If you wish to improve your life, complete them and study. Or else, leave them. No one will bother. Furthermore, the art of time management comes to the fore. It was irrelevant at school if you participated in the extra-curricular activities or not. Anything could be given a miss in the name of studies. But now, you have to study well and at the same time take part in activities to improve yourself as a human being. As I said, it is the art of time management.

College is the transition period before we go out and live in the world all on our own. School was a time when we were completely in the nice, cozy nest of our parents with all our needs taken care of. College helps us to be independent and live in the world all by ourselves as that time we won't have a cozy nest to safeguard ourselves. It helps us to change and transform. It is a necessary stage in our lives. It is a vital cog in the process of being dependent to independent. As our dean said, "It is the time to cut the umbilical cord."

From school...
To college, new challenges are faced

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